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Department of Education and Science of Kyiv
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How Ajax helps protect property and maintain order in 433 schools in the capital of Ukraine


Department of Education and Science of Kyiv


Protect 433 Kyiv schools from intrusion, the average area of each school is 10,000 m²

Previously, municipal educational institutions relied on guards lacking specialized training for their security. Each school typically assigned 2–3 guards working in shifts. However, it proved challenging for a lone guard to effectively monitor the entire school premises, considering the inherent limitations of the human factor. Ensuring constant and comprehensive protection for the school became a priority.

To improve the level of protection, the Kyiv Department of Education and Science decided to replace ineffective security with modern technical equipment and supplement it with the services of a professional security company.


In early 2023, the Kyiv City State Administration's Department of Education and Science issued a tender for securing Kyiv schools. The winning bid featured Ajax devices.

The installation of security systems was entrusted to the Security Police. They have extensive experience with Ajax systems and a lot of certified installers. That made it possible to install the systems quickly and efficiently without interrupting the educational process.

To ensure a secure environment during school hours, each school will have a dedicated professional security guard from Municipal Security to maintain peace and order. Additionally, rapid response crews will be dispatched to the facilities at night in the case of an alarm.

The buildings of Kyiv schools vary in architecture and size (averaging 10,000 m2, with both small facilities and schools exceeding 12,000 m2). Installers designed the solution, considering the unique characteristics of each building.
A standard school security system consists of approximately 170 devices. The installation for each school was accomplished in less than two days, ensuring an uninterrupted educational process.

Each facility is equipped with a Hub 2 Plus Jeweller capable of managing up to 200 devices, making it an optimal solution for extensive facilities. The hub features four communication channels, connecting to four Internet providers—two via Ethernet and Wi-Fi, and two via cellular networks. In the event of issues with one channel, the hub seamlessly switches to another, ensuring reliable communication with the Central Monitoring Station (CMS).

DoorProtect Jeweller opening detectors oversee all doors in schools, while rooms with windows are equipped with CombiProtect Jeweller combined motion and glass break detectors. Large windows in assembly and sports halls are an exception, protected by MotionProtect Curtain Jeweller motion detectors with a narrow viewing angle to guard against intrusion.
MotionCam Jeweller motion detectors, providing photo verification of alarms, are strategically placed at each entrance and in rooms housing valuable equipment, such as computer labs.

In the event of an alarm, school administrators and municipal security receive photo confirmation through the Ajax app, enabling a quick determination of whether an intrusion occurred or if an employee forgot to disarm the security system upon entering the school. For areas where only motion detection without photo verification was required, MotionProtect Plus Jeweller was deployed.

StreetSiren Jeweller outdoor sirens were strategically placed on each side of the building to ensure the alarm signal was audible from all directions, while the LED indication provided visibility. The sirens also serve as a deterrent to potential intruders.

Given the multi-floor structure and thick walls of some schools, ReX 2 Jeweller radio signal range extenders were employed to expand wireless coverage and support photo verification. All devices maintain reliable communication with the hub thanks to the range extender, eliminating the need for an additional control panel and reducing project costs, making system management more efficient.

KeyPad Plus Jeweller was installed at the main entrance to the school, serving as a wireless keypad supporting secure contactless Pass cards. School employees simply need to hold the card to the keypad to modify the security mode.

Another keypad was installed at a separate entrance to the kitchen, allowing cooks, who arrive before the rest of the school staff, to disarm the kitchen with a code while keeping all other rooms protected.

Also, automation scenarios were deployed for better security management by triggering automatic actions in the Ajax system in response to alarms, changes in security mode, or according to a schedule. For instance, at the school administration’s request, the system can be configured to have individual rooms automatically switch to armed mode on a schedule or to automatically arm the entire school when the school day concludes.

Support and partnership

Throughout the project implementation, Ajax Systems specialists, in collaboration with the Municipal Security Service, provide continuous support. At the community level, training sessions are organized to empower school administrators with the skills needed to effectively manage the security system.

The user-friendly interface of Ajax applications ensures that educators can easily navigate and interact with the system in their daily tasks.

Thanks to the Ajax system, access to all school premises is now transparent and controlled. The school administration is aware that intruders and unauthorized individuals will not enter the building unnoticed. Additionally, the administration can monitor the time of entry and exit from employees’ premises through the app. The task of protecting the property of educational institutions is fully accomplished.

Community leaders can find comfort in knowing that school property, funded by taxpayer money, is securely safeguarded. Concurrently, school principals can confidently assure the safety of both students and staff members.

Why Ajax

Convenient apps. With Ajax apps for iOS and Android, the system can be controlled from anywhere, the system status can be remotely monitored, and accurate information about each device can be obtained. Users of any skill level can easily master the apps. Additionally, the system has a precise distribution of rights for different users; for example, cooks, cleaners, or teachers cannot have administrator rights unless the school administration decides otherwise.

Flexible solution. The Ajax system is easily scalable and effectively caters to the needs of both large and small educational institutions. Moreover, it serves as a platform for a comprehensive solution. Schools can seamlessly add video surveillance, leak protection, or comfort and productivity devices to their intrusion protection if necessary.

Fast installation. Given the project’s tight deadline and the need for a smooth educational process, the Ajax wireless system emerged as the perfect solution. The devices are ready to use right out of the box, easy to install, and can be added to the system by scanning a QR code.


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