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A weather station in Italy
Effective security without power supply
How Ajax’s wireless security system protects a remote weather station with no permanent power supply


A weather station in Italy

Nearly Bergamo, Italy, there is a weather station that collects meteorological data and monitors air quality. Its operation requires professional equipment that, however, works without a permanent power supply or presence of staff. Such conditions put the equipment and other assets at risk. In fact, the station had already suffered from several intrusion attempts and needed a security system to be put in place.


Protect a remote object without a permanent power supply

Like many remote objects, the weather station does not have a permanent power supply and cannot afford a full-time presence of staff members on the site. After several intrusion attempts, the client needed to secure an area of 600 m2, prevent equipment theft, and put an end to the damage made to the agricultural produce growing on the site. They looked for a professional security system that could operate outdoors without mains power and was easy to manage remotely. 


Wireless outdoor security system with flexible power options and remote control

In response to the challenge, Von Wunster Next s.r.l. configured a solution for securing the object that has no permanent power source or staff on-site but has extensive sun exposure. The implemented security system consists of 11 Ajax devices, coupled with a third-party solar panel, battery, and case.

At the core of the system, there is a Hub 2 (2G) Jeweller control panel with a low-voltage PSU 6V. The latter allows the hub to operate from an external 7 A·h battery for years. The battery, in turn, is charged via the 25 W solar panel (10 A). If the external power supply fails, the hub switches to a built-in battery and continues to protect the object for up to 16 hours or even 60 hours if the Battery Power Saver feature is enabled. The client and central monitoring station of the security company instantly receive a notification about the power issue to be fixed. The company has enough time to get to the remote object for restoring power without compromising its security. A SIM card (2G) ensures connection with the network, so Von Wunster Next s.r.l. won’t miss a thing.

Other elements of the security system are wireless outdoor Ajax devices that operate with pre-installed batteries for up to 3 years. Several MotionCam Outdoor Jeweller cover the perimeter and detect movement within seconds. The device’s photo-by-alarm feature allows minimizing expensive patrol dispatches to false alarms and gives the client peace of mind. StreetSiren DoubleDeck activates the sound of up to 113 dB and bright LED indicators in response to an alarm to deter and expose intruders. Communication with the wireless devices is provided via Ajax proprietary radio protocols Jeweller and Wings at a distance of up to 2,000 m. It’s perfect for covering large areas such as that of the station.

The client can control security modes effortlessly. There are four end users with different rights, and they can manage the system in the Ajax app on their phones and with wireless Ajax SpaceControl Jeweller key fobs. Von Wunster Next s.r.l., which installed the system and conducts monitoring, can track the devices’ status and take care of their configuration and maintenance remotely in the majority of cases. Dealing with the security system is as easy as it gets for both the client and the security company.

All the devices are either weather-resistant or reliably hidden in the case to withstand the impacts of the environment. Constant exposure to rain or sun does not affect the security system.

Why Ajax

Flexible power supply options. Ajax product portfolio includes PSUs designed to connect the system to a low-voltage power supply even when no permanent power source is available. Wireless Ajax devices operate with pre-installed batteries for up to 3 years.

Visual alarm verification. With photo verification, system users and monitoring company operators can promptly verify whether an alarm is real and save costs on patrol dispatches. It is a particularly important feature for remote objects.

Remote system management. The system can be managed, configured, and maintained through Ajax apps with no people present on-site, which is a cost-effective solution for a remote object.


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