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Kubota Canada
Outdoor protection of a large warehouse facility
How Ajax provided centralized monitoring across huge premises with only one security system control panel


Kubota Canada

Kubota Canada Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kubota Corporation, a renowned manufacturer of tractors and heavy equipment headquartered in Osaka, Japan. The company specializes in marketing and distributing Kubota-engineered machinery and equipment, including tractors, implements, and utility vehicles. In addition, Kubota offers a wide range of compact construction tools, commercial turf and landscaping products, consumer lawn and garden equipment.


Implementing an effective security system to protect the expansive warehouse facility from unauthorized access

Kubota’s new large corporate headquarters and distribution facility spans approximately 16,085 square meters, including 14,365 square meters of warehouse/distribution space and 1,720 square meters of office space. The company already had an indoor security system. Still, as a facility that stores valuable equipment and trailers outside, Kubota faced the critical challenge of securing their outdoor premises from trespassers and unauthorized individuals who could potentially gain access to the property. Implementing an effective outdoor security solution was essential to safeguard Kubota’s assets and ensure the overall safety of the company operations.


Ajax reliable outdoor protection with quick alarm photo verification

Kubota required a security system that could provide a view and monitoring opportunity for on-site guards 24/7, deliver reliable outdoor protection across their vast facility, and be easily deployable. This led Phantom Security Group to propose Ajax products that fully meet all the comprehensive client’s needs.

Kubota faced problems with some companies’ product offerings; though suitable on paper, they did not meet expectations and technical specifications in real life. Ajax’s outdoor security solutions instead seemed simple but could provide reliable outdoor protection, fulfilling all the declared properties. The brand’s devices covered the vast outdoor areas fully and provided additional protection for the critical zones with alarm photo verification. In addition, Ajax makes it possible to set up a scenario by schedule, so the system switches to the armed mode automatically, even if the staff forgot to do it.

Hub 2 Plus Jeweller was selected for its convenience and reliable communication capabilities. The hub can manage an extensive security system of up to 200 devices and deliver rapid photo confirmations of alarms to guards and monitoring companies in just 9 seconds. Moreover, Hub 2 Plus guarantees communication stability, enabled by its four communication channels and LTE support. This configuration allows connecting two separate internet providers via Ethernet and Wi-Fi while having two cellular lines ready as backup. Smooth switching between these channels happens within seconds, so the hub is always connected.

Given the large scale of Kubota’s facilities, the ReX 2 Jeweller radio signal range extender was also added to the system. ReX 2 expands the security system’s radio communication range, allowing Ajax devices to be installed at greater distances from the hub. This enabled Phantom Security Group to provide complete coverage over the vast territory with a single Ajax system. If the Ethernet connection is disrupted, the ReX 2 can still receive alarms and activate sirens to alert personnel and deter potential intruders immediately.

DualCurtain Outdoor Jeweller detectors were installed at the entrance to the company’s territory and other critical access points. These detectors enabled perimeter control without blocking the movement of personnel already inside the facility. The DualCurtain detectors feature two independent optical systems with narrow, adjustable viewing sectors that can be precisely configured to monitor up to 30 meters of detection zone coverage. Additionally, the DualCurtain detectors have an anti-masking system. If an obstacle is placed within 10 cm in front of the lenses, or if the lenses or detector sides are painted over or taped, the system immediately notifies the on-site security guards, admins, and the professional monitoring station about the masking incident.

In addition to the DualCurtain detectors, MotionCam Outdoor Jeweller motion detectors were installed around Kubota’s territory’s perimeter. These detectors catch movement up to 15 meters away by identifying objects with temperatures close to that of the human body using infrared sensors. With 24/7 security personnel on-site, if any MotionCam detector is triggered, the system immediately sends informative push notifications to the Ajax apps and a photo confirmation of the detected activity. This provides visual verification while allowing guards to assess and respond to potential threats around the perimeter rapidly.

StreetSiren Jeweller sirens were placed around Kubota’s entire perimeter to be heard wherever the intrusion occurred. While the notifications provide discreet alerts to guards, the sirens create an unmistakable audible disruption to scare off trespassers. The StreetSiren can generate loud sounds from 85 to 113 decibels for an adjustable duration of 3 seconds to 3 minutes. This intense acoustic output provides an effective psychological deterrent. Additionally, the sirens boast an IP54 protection rating and can operate at very low temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in the Canadian climate.

Why Ajax

Proven reliability and technical compliance. A crucial benefit Ajax provided was devices that worked exactly as specified in their technical documentation. Unlike previous solutions Kubota had evaluated, the Ajax products delivered on its promised capabilities and specifications. This ensured the client received the precise security, trustworthiness, and functionality they required and expected.

Rapid alarm verification and response. The Ajax system provided Kubota’s security team with enhanced situational awareness thanks to detailed notifications and alarm photo verification. Whenever a detector was triggered, guards immediately received an informative notification identifying the event type and detector details. Crucially, they also received photographic confirmation of the alarm within 9 seconds. This enables convenient monitoring of large areas, improving security management. Guards could rapidly assess situations and respond accordingly.

Long communication range and fast system deployment. Ajax secured Kubota’s warehouse facility with only one Hub. The incredibly long communication range of Ajax’s wireless devices busted with a range extender allowed rapid deployment of broad protection across Kubota’s huge premises. This enabled fast installation while providing centralized monitoring and control over the entire security system through one platform.



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