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Renting Colombia & Localiza Colombia
Business-centric security system: control made simple
How Ajax set up an intrusion alarm system for 51 car rental branches


Renting Colombia & Localiza Colombia

Localiza is a car rental company founded in 1973 in Belo Horizonte. It is the largest car rental company in Latin America and one of the largest in the world by fleet size and market capitalization. Its network operates in more than 40 cities across Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, and Colombia. All security measures in Colombia were implemented exclusively using Ajax products.

In addition to its rental car business, the company also operates in the leasing and fleet management sectors. It grants franchises for the sale of used cars from its fleet to streamline the renewal process. These businesses are complementary and mutually reinforcing.


Implement an intrusion detection system for 51 car rental branches nationwide without disrupting daily operations

The primary aim was to safeguard covered parking structures and sales offices against intrusion and unauthorized access. The complexity arose from the need to protect numerous locations across the country while ensuring seamless operation and minimal disruption to the businesses. Additionally, the client required a system that is easily scalable, with no false alarms, and adhering to stringent quality standards.


Comprehensive protection against theft, intrusion, and fire hazards with centralized monitoring and management across multiple branches nationwide

Dycónica SAS offered the Ajax solution as the top choice in response to the client’s request for reliability and quick installation. Devices were selected to cater to the specific security needs of the client, who primarily sought protection against vehicle theft at their premises.

The Hub 2 Plus Jeweller control panel was chosen for its exceptional convenience in commercial spaces. In particular, it can manage up to 25 security groups with a total of 200 users. It allows security personnel to divide large premises into zones and effectively organize staff access.

MotionProtect Jeweller detectors were placed to identify any unauthorized movement using a passive IR sensor.

Numerous offices with client interaction areas featured showcases or large windows. Therefore, it was essential to ensure thorough protection against intrusion. This entailed both motion and glass break detection. To streamline the setup, installers opted for CombiProtect Jeweller. This single device detects motion in the room at a distance of up to 12 m and registers broken glass at a distance of up to 9 m from the window.

DoorProtect Jeweller notifies of the first signs of intrusion into the room through a door or window opening. All branches were equipped with loud HomeSiren Jeweller devices to give extra warning and deter burglars in case of intrusion attempts. Also, each car rental location was supplied with an Ajax panic button. In case of emergencies, pressing the button sends an immediate alarm to the central monitoring station in Medellín, enabling operators to promptly call for help.

After learning more about the Ajax system capabilities, the client decided to deploy the solution for fire detection as well. Thus, as part of the comprehensive security measures, the project involved the installation of heat and smoke detectors. FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/Smoke) Jeweller is a wireless fire detector that provides instant alerts about smoke detection or a rapid temperature rise. The device detects smoke by means of a camera with a double-spectrum optical sensor. If no smoke is emitted, the detector registers temperature increases in the room.

ReX Jeweller range extenders were also installed at the sites. This allowed for coverage in Renting Colombia & Localiza Colombia facilities with underground parking lots, where thick steel or concrete floors could potentially interfere with communication.

Ajax PRO Desktop has played a pivotal role in centralizing the monitoring and management of the security system. Installed in the monitoring center in Medellín, the software provides comprehensive oversight of all branches nationwide. Each person — owners, engineers, operators, and users — has their own account with specific access rights. This ensures everyone can focus on their tasks effectively.

The choice of Ajax technologies was driven by their advanced features, ease of implementation, scalability, and robust support provided by the distributor. By leveraging Ajax devices and software solutions, Renting Colombia & Localiza Colombia were able to establish a comprehensive security framework that not only addressed their immediate concerns but also provided a scalable foundation for future expansion and evolving security needs.

Why Ajax

Primed for scalability. Ajax security systems are primed for scalability due to easy installation. Setting up devices in the app takes minutes. Moreover, Ajax Cloud server allows users to easily integrate new devices and manage their security system remotely.
Convenient monitoring across all sites. All branches across the country are managed using the Ajax PRO Desktop software. With centralized control, the management team can easily monitor and coordinate activities across branches, ensuring consistent high-quality service.
Comprehensive coverage of client requests. Ajax security system provides thorough protection against intrusions and fire hazards. Its user-friendly design allows for easy maintenance and servicing of security and fire devices from one control panel. Additionally, it can be expanded to include automation, video surveillance, and much more.


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