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Efficient warehouse protection
How Ajax protects the warehouse of Europe’s largest agricultural parts and accessories supplier



The Dutch powerhouse Kramp is one of the biggest suppliers of parts and accessories for Europe’s agricultural sector. Founded in 1951, focusing on simplifying life for those who work the land, Kramp boasts a staggering 590,000+ products, from tractor gears to stable shovels.

Kramp’s success hinges on its robust infrastructure. A strategically located network of 11 distribution centers across Europe ensures prompt deliveries, while 24 sales offices provide localized customer support.


Balancing reliability and installation speed in a temporary warehouse security upgrade

Kramp rented a warehouse covering an area of over 5,000 m2 for approximately three years with a security system installed. However, it needed to be updated to fulfill the Grade 2 insurance requirements. Therefore, the client decided to replace a security system and, at the same time, wanted to install a fire alarm system. 

Since Kramp is known for the speed of the company’s business processes, the warehouse security system had to be updated and launched as fast as possible to prevent any disruption to the operation. This demanded a solution that could be installed quickly and with minimal costs, yet maintaining quality and reliability.


Ajax wireless security system with third-party device integration for intrusion and fire detection in a large facility

Lankhof Beveiliging proposed Ajax wireless systems for a client’s temporary warehouse to address the requirements for a convenient and flexible solution. Ajax products are quick and easy to install, which is particularly valuable in this case, as everything can be easily moved and reconfigured when needed.

For the expansive 5,000 m² space, Lankhof Beveiliging’s chosen solution involved the implementation of the Hub 2 Plus Jeweller control panel. It has four communication channels (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and two SIM cards) and supports LTE and photo verification. With such a configuration, up to 200 devices can be added to the hub, making it a perfect fit for a large facility. Integration with the client’s LAN network ensured compliant reporting to the central monitoring station.

The ReX 2 Jeweller radio signal range extender was installed to ensure stable communication between Ajax detectors and the hub. The hub’s communication range was sufficient to cover a given perimeter, but the warehouse presented some challenges. Significant radio interference was expected due to its metal walls and many metallic goods stored within. However, the professional installer efficiently designed the system to maintain stable communication throughout the facility, successfully implementing just one range extender.

In terms of intrusion prevention, pedestrian doors were equipped with DoorProtect Jeweller opening detectors for reliable monitoring. Furthermore, third-party contacts on the overhead doors for vehicles were seamlessly integrated into the Ajax system. MotionCam Jeweller detectors were placed around the warehouse to detect movement and capture any possible intrusion, providing additional false alarm verification with a series of pictures available in Ajax apps.

To make the system convenient and easy for the client but also protected from unauthorized access, Lankhof Beveiliging installed KeyPad Plus Jeweller and distributed contactless Pass cards to employees for access to the facility. At the same time, the administration and installation company used straightforward Ajax apps to monitor the system status and implement additional settings.

Installed on all sides of the building, StreetSiren Jeweller sirens provided both deterrence and audible notifications.

Fourteen FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/Smoke) Jeweller fire detectors were installed within the business premises to address fire safety. Larger spaces were equipped with new third-party long-beam fire detectors, connected to MultiTransmitter Jeweller. The module, featuring 18 wired zones for device connection and five contact types support, made it easy to connect the third-party fire detectors.

Why Ajax

Complex protection against intrusion and fire. An Ajax system offers complete intrusion protection, video surveillance, fire detection, water leak prevention, and automation solutions that can be integrated with wired and wireless detectors. In this case, the solution covered the client’s need for a single intrusion and fire protection system with quick and easy configuration and management in one app.

Flexible and quick to install wireless solutions. Since the warehouse is temporarily at the company’s disposal, and the client needed to put the warehouse into operation as soon as possible, Ajax wireless devices were the most effective solution to meet these security demands. They are quick, easy to install and configure in the app, and comply with the Grade 2 insurance requirements. In case of a relocation, the entire system can be easily removed and installed at another facility.

Large-scale capability with the Jeweller radio protocol. Thanks to the Jeweller proprietary radio protocol, the chosen security solution facilitated a swift and hassle-free implementation in a 5,000 m² industrial hall. The Jeweller protocol offers reliable two-way communication between a hub and detectors, covering distances of up to 2,000 meters and transmitting alarm signals in less than 0.15 seconds.



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