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Touring Camp Oy
Security on the go
Advanced protection for campervan travelers


Touring Camp Oy

Touring Camp Oy has been a dealer of Hymer motorhomes since 1986. The company operates as an independent importer, facilitating the direct shipment of high-quality vehicles from the Hymer factory.

Touring Camp Oy believes in a trusted relationship with its customers helping them to find a motorhome or caravan tailored to their needs. An authorized Hymer service garage is available to assist both existing and new motorhome and caravan owners.


To find an alternative for a conventional auto-motive alarm

Touring Camp Oy strategically pursued an innovative security solution surpassing conventional alarm systems to distinguish itself in the market. In this mobile home, people travel, sleep, cook, and carry valuables, making it imperative to have a security system that offers comprehensive coverage. The heightened focus on fire safety became a critical consideration. The desired solution needed to be not only comprehensive but also highly mobile.


Wireless security system with a free informative app featuring opening, motion, and fire detectors, and a panic button

Ajax was chosen to promote a shift from outdated to innovative security system. The key advantage was the wireless system capabilities, ensuring fast and cost-effective installations, as well as autonomy as a crucial factor for motorhomes. The life span of some detectors lasts up to 7 years. The free app empowers users to control the system remotely from anywhere, enhancing convenience and aligning with the dynamic lifestyle of campervans users.

Touring Camp Oy offers the Hub 2 (4G) Jeweller with support for photo verification as a central security system component. It uses two independent mobile communication channels, allowing the use of 2 SIM cards with 2G/3G/LTE support from different providers for maximum coverage. With a 6V PSU, an alternative power supply unit, the hub can be powered from the low-voltage motorhome’s battery.
DoorProtect Plus Jeweller is employed to secure windows and doors. It can register changes in vertical slope angle, bangs, and vibrations. MotionProtect Plus Jeweller is placed inside the cabin driven by its effectiveness in minimizing false alarms, especially in the presence of variables in a compact camper environment.
HomeSiren Jeweller is also installed indoors, serving the dual purpose of informing travelers about danger and deterring intruders. FireProtect Jeweller is also implemented in the sleeping area to enhance fire safety. Button Jeweller is also included for emergencies.

The system is designed to serve multiple purposes for the mobile residents. It operates in security mode when the motorhome is unattended, offering fire detection and protection against intrusions. Additionally, it serves as a security measure at night when the residents are inside the van, ensuring their safety as they sleep.

To ensure the successful implementation of Ajax systems, Touring Camp Oy partnered with Oy One-Pro Ab importer to provide training and technical support. Customers now enjoy complimentary system installation and benefit from a winter security monitoring service, ensuring prompt response to parking lot alarms.

As the first installations are completed, customers have praised the system’s user-friendly features, emphasizing the convenience of Ajax’s mobile app. The well-thought-out interface and automation scenarios make securing the motorhomes intuitive.

Why Ajax

The system’s flexibility and tailored security for every journey
Ajax stands out as the security solution that adapts to every traveler’s unique needs. With Ajax, you have the freedom to design the perfect combination of equipment for your motorhome, ensuring that your security solution aligns seamlessly with your travel lifestyle.


Advanced home-level security within a moving house
Ajax provides more than just a siren. Beyond intrusion detection devices, it includes strategically placed fire detectors for early response. Ajax also offers the option to expand the system with leak protection and automation solutions, creating a comprehensive safety solution.


Remote control with a free app
The client needed a robust security system that could be used remotely aligned perfectly with Ajax capabilities. The app ensures real-time monitoring of your motorhome’s security status, providing you with constant updates on the state of your vehicle.


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