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Alliance Française, Cuenca
Guarding campus against intrusion and fire
How Ajax secures the french institute center in Ecuador


French Alliance in Cuenca
  • Country: Ecuador
  • Partner: ATS

The French Alliance of Cuenca is a large-scale cultural center with an academy that has worked 50 years to teach French and disseminate and promote French-speaking cultures.

The client sought to protect the life and health of the students and administrative staff of the institution through a fire detection system and its assets, equipment, and personal safety against the risk of intrusions.


To find a single platform intrusion and fire safety solution for a 5000 m² campus

The French Alliance of Cuenca faced a significant challenge — to find a comprehensive intrusion and fire safety solution for a 5000 m² campus to ensure the safety of students, administrative staff, and property. All this without the need to pull wires.

Mobile constructions, complex building shape with many glass and concrete ceilings, and numerous visitors require flexible solutions for complex protection.


Ajax wireless security system with third-party device integration and security automation

Due to the tight remodeling deadline, using traditional wiring would have exceeded the client’s schedule and budget. Opting for a wireless Ajax system was the best decision.

Hub 2 Plus Jeweller, with the capacity for 200 detectors, 4 communication channels, and LTE support, serves as the central component of the security system. Such configuration allows you to connect the device to two separate Internet providers over Ethernet and Wi-Fi while having two cellular services ready for back up. It guarantees connectivity to Ajax Cloud and the Central Monitoring Station (CRS) under any conditions.

The KeyPad Plus Jeweller facilitated local management, while DoorProtect Jeweller secured perimeter doors and internal classrooms. MotionProtect Jeweller detectors were strategically placed in critical areas for motion detection, and StreetSiren Jeweller sirens provided both deterrence and audible notification.

For fire safety, FireProtect 2 (СО) Jeweller detectors safeguarded classrooms and critical areas, complemented by the MultiTransmitter Jeweller for integration with existing third-party smoke detectors. Transmitter Jeweller adapted manual call points for triggering fire alarm on evacuation routes, and Relay Jeweller commanded third-party sirens with strobe lights due to automation scenarios.

Automation scenarios in the Ajax system provide automated actions in response to alarms and security mode changes or perform them by a specified schedule.

ATS monitored the system 24/7 through the Ajax app, maintaining a connection to the Central Monitoring Station. The Ajax application serves as the primary interface for the system, with the Institute Director acting as the end user and administrator. Additionally, staff have been granted limited user profiles to assist in managing security modes and event response. App’s user-friendly design and efficiency ensured the seamless integration of security-related tasks into the staff’s routine.

Overall, the Ajax system addressed the specific needs of The French Alliance of Cuenca, including the easy integration of the third-party detectors previously installed in the building, and offering fire and intrusion risk detection in a safe, stable, and efficient manner. The wireless capabilities of the system played a crucial role in the campus remodeling process. They streamlined the process by eliminating the complications associated with traditional wiring and ensured strict adherence to tight implementation schedules.

Why Ajax

Remote control and monitoring. Due to the self-checking and supervised system, remote configuration, and long battery life of Ajax devices, the entire system requires minimal maintenance. Remote control, monitoring capacity and data-rich notifications are available in Ajax apps and make working with the system simple and convenient for everyone.

Comprehensive solution. The Ajax system offers a comprehensive solution of intrusion protection, video surveillance, fire detection, water leak prevention and devices for comfort and productivity. In this case, the solution covered the customer’s need for a single platform for intrusion and fire protection.

Wireless capability. Ajax’s wireless solution allowed for a swift and hassle-free implementation in a 5000 m² complex building with many glass and concrete ceilings.


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