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Safer Security Group
Safer Pod S1 is the future of construction site protection
A ready-made solution from an Ajax Systems partner — an autonomous, mobile and accurate intrusion detection system based on detectors with a camera


Construction sites, farms, mines.

Safer Pod S1 is an example of a new solution that appeared on the basis of Ajax devices and meets the needs of an entire market segment.

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The solution was developed by the Ajax Systems’ partner from the UK — Safer Security Group

Every construction site is unique and has its own features. However, our experience shows that these objects have such common features as:

  • Scale. Open space with buildings scattered in different areas. 
  • Influence of the external environment. Landscape, nature, weather. 
  • Many entrances, lots of visitors. Workers, management, personnel. And also contractors who have access to the facility and see how it is protected. 
  • Construction equipment. And the cars that are parked on premises.
  • Security rounds. There are many places that the security cannot check. Besides, it might be simply dangerous. 

All this can be found in factories, farms, mining facilities — that is, in any place without electrical wiring or stable Internet. However, there is a huge open space and the need for protection.

And it is not only about protection from external threats. YouGov research has found that 38% of Britons have stolen something from their employer at least once. According to London Metropolitan Police, in 2020, the cost of stolen working tools amounted to £17.5 m. A significant number of such thefts are committed by construction site employees and contractors. 

In general, burglaries and vandalism cost the UK construction industry £800 m a year. This does not include unreported losses. In addition, remote sites without lighting and security often become the scene of crimes or scams. 


Provide a ready-made solution covering a number of needs for construction site protection.

Customers look for security solutions that meet such requirements as:

  • Easy and flexible installation to install detectors in new locations without depending on layout changes.
  • Autonomy, so that the system can work without a power grid.
  • Work in difficult environmental conditions. Avoid false alarms triggered by wildlife and animals.
  • Instant notifications about alarms and events received by the security.
  • Monitoring. Management must see the entire log of events to detect sabotage or suspicious actions of the personnel.

Security solutions rarely meet all the needs at once. Therefore, we usually have to make compromises: to give up flexibility, reliability, centralization, or price. But not this time. 

Safer Security Group has developed a solution based on Ajax devices that meets all the requirements.


Safer Pod S1 is an autonomous, mobile and accurate intrusion detection system based on Ajax devices.

Ryan Clark, founder and CEO of Safer Security Group, emphasizes that the concept of “Daleks” (wireless security stations that resemble the shape of the Daleks from the TV series “Doctor Who”) is not new and has proven its effectiveness. Safer Pod S1 represents the new generation of this format. 

The station is mobile. If it interferes with the passage of equipment during construction, you can simply move it.

Modular design. It can be easily deployed in any space. Meets all the British regulatory standards for this type of work. 

Quick installation. The engineer can independently install and configure the system, without involving any additional specialists. 

Autonomy. Safer Pod S1 is equipped with cutting-edge battery and solar technology, providing complete autonomous deployment all year round.

Reliability. The system uses Ajax radio protocols Jeweller and Wings, which are jamming-proof and provide instant notifications. The station’s siren is equipped with an accelerometer, which would not allow unauthorized tilting or moving.

Protection against false alarms. Ajax detectors distinguish real threats from interference such as wildlife. 

Scalability. Safer Pod S1 allows you to connect up to 200 Ajax wireless devices to the system and expand the control area up to 2,000 meters. 

Easy management. Configured and managed via Ajax smartphone and desktop apps. 

State-of-the-art. The station is equipped with modern Ajax detectors that meet the latest security standards.

Basic equipment: protection of 30 meters at 360°

Safer Pod S1 continuously monitors the area around it, scanning for threats.

If an intruder enters the Safer Pod S1 control zone, a 113 dB siren will sound, which is almost like the noise of an outdoor rock concert. Also, the security service instantly receives a notification via Ajax app, and in 9 seconds — a photo from the scene. 

Safer Pod S1 verifies threats with the clearest images compared to other available solutions in its segment.

This is a comprehensive ready-made solution that covers most typical needs of customers concerning construction site protection without customization. At the same time, it can be easily expanded following special customer requests.

Advanced solution — protection at a distance of up to 2,000 meters

Safer Pod S1 is a flexible solution that allows you to build a full-fledged system for perimeter, interior and construction site protection.

The control panel supports connection of up to 200 wireless devices with a protection zone of up to 2,000 meters. These can be any wireless Ajax detectors that work with the corresponding hub in Safer Pod S1.

Thus, if construction equipment is occasionally left at your facility overnight, you can install DoorProtect or MotionCam Outdoor on this equipment and connect them to the hub from Safer Pod S1. These detectors are installed in just a few minutes and are reliably connected with the hub at a distance of up to 1,700 meters. In the morning, simply disconnect the detectors. You can use them to protect other equipment that will remain at the facility the following night. 

In the same way you can protect the static premises of the construction site. Temporary warehouses, garages or mobile structures where workers sleep.

You can place LeaksProtect, FireProtect and FireProtect Plus in places where water leakage or fire may occur. 

To expand the system, you do not need to install any additional control panels, all detectors will be connected to the hub of the Safer Pod S1 station.

On Safer Pod S1 basis, you can build a full-fledged security system for all the objects on the construction site. In large facilities, multiple Safer Pod S1 and radio signal range extenders can be used.

The system uses Ajax devices that do not require special customization.

Ajax products in Safer Pod S1

Safer Pod S1 uses non-modified Ajax outdoor devices that meet the security industry standards.

MotionCam Outdoor is a wireless outdoor motion detector. It detects movement, raises an alarm and sends photo verification. MotionCam Outdoor takes informative pictures in any weather, day and night, as it uses an HDR camera and IR illumination. To avoid false alarms, the detector uses correlation and spectral analysis, as well as the LISA software algorithm. If Safer Pod S1 is installed correctly, bushes ruffled by the wind or an animal will not cause an alarm. The anti-masking system and notifications about removal from the mount will protect against sabotage. Operates at temperatures from -25°C to +60°C; protected from rain and snow with a special hood.

StreetSiren is a wireless outdoor siren with an LED frame. Has protection against spoofing, reports about jamming attempts, has a tampering alarm and an accelerometer that will not allow to move the station. Operates at temperatures from -25°C to +50°C and humidity up to 95%, has sealed casing protection class IP55. The volume can be adjusted from 85 to 113 dB.

Hub 2 is a control panel supporting photo verification of alarms. Controls operation of all the devices and notifies users of alarms. Supports three independent communication channels: two Sim cards (2G/4G, depending on the model) and Ethernet if necessary. Automatically switches to a backup communication channel within seconds. Guaranteed to deliver alarms and photos via Jeweller and Wings radio protocols. The hub cannot be turned off unnoticed when Safer Pod S1 is disarmed. If anyone attempts to remove the hub, the tamper is instantly activated.

Radio protocols Jeweller and Wings. Radio communication protocols developed by Ajax Systems. Jeweller guarantees uninterrupted interaction between hub and security system devices, and Wings is responsible for transmitting Ajax motion detector images with alarm photo verification. Alarms are transmitted in less than 0.15 seconds, and the first image from the series is delivered within 9 seconds. 

Ajax allows you to create automation scenarios. Set up the system so that in case of alarm, certain doors are locked and lighting is turned on on the territory. At the first sign of leakage or fire, the system can shut off water and de-energize the facility. You have flexible options for comprehensive security enhancement.


Safer Pod S1 works via Ajax apps that provide maximum convenience and functionality:

  • check the status of the system at any time no matter where you are;
  • instantly receive notifications about incidents at the facility;
  • learn about all security system events;
  • receive reminders to turn Safer Pod S1 on and off; 
  • view detailed information about the status of Ajax detectors at the facility.

For large facilities with multiple Safer Pod S1, use PRO Desktop — a comprehensive macOS and Windows app for installation and monitoring business. You get a centralized notification system.

Safer Pod S1 is an example of how Ajax devices are used to create a ready-made solution that meets current customer needs in a convenient and effective way. 

No matter what you are protecting — construction sites, farms, mines or factories — now you have a ready-made solution based on Ajax technologies.

Safer Pod S1 is more than intruder detection system — it is a full risk mitigation system. And it is available without any need to modify Ajax devices.


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