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KORSA Windows
Smart Window Automation with Ajax


KORSA Windows

“KORSA Windows” is a company specializing in the production, installation, and maintenance of high-quality premium PVC and aluminium windows and doors since 1998. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. “KORSA Windows” has an extensive network of partners and distributors worldwide, ensuring global reach and presence.


Optimal indoor air quality automation

Excessive levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) can trigger apathy and drowsiness, potentially leading to headaches, dizziness, reduced productivity, etc. Furthermore, at certain concentrations, CO2 can affect people’s decision-making ability, in some cases reducing it by more than 50%.

The most efficient solution for maintaining an optimal CO2 level in apartments and private houses without automated ventilation systems is regular ventilation. However, leaving windows fully or partially open can disrupt the temperature balance in the room, sometimes leading to drafts and affecting people’s comfort.

The KORSA Windows company (hereinafter referred to as KORSA) has introduced a new solution for comfortable and safe window ventilation. Subsequently, they began exploring the possibility of automating this process, enabling the windows to open autonomously under specific conditions, such as high levels of CO2 or humidity in the air.


The automatic ventilation system based on KORSA Comfort windows, LifeQuality air quality monitor, and Ajax relay.

About KORSA Comfort

KORSA Comfort is a window system with an integrated automatic and secure ventilation feature developed by KORSA. The window sash shifts inward, creating a 6 mm ventilation channel along the entire perimeter of the window. Nevertheless, the windows maintain their burglar-resistant features, ensuring both ventilation and security within the premises.

During such ventilation, air saturated with carbon dioxide moves outward through the upper part of the window, while fresh outdoor air enters from below and gradually circulates throughout the entire space.

As a result — significantly lower heat loss and efficient ventilation without the discomfort of drafts, unlike the traditional “casement” type of ventilation.

The automatic ventilation system

The integration of KORSA Comfort windows with Ajax enables the maintenance of a comfortable level of humidity and CO2 concentration without human involvement.

The Ajax LifeQuality smart air quality monitor measures real-time CO2 levels with medical precision. Users can set their preferred air quality parameters. If the sensor detects CO2 levels exceeding the set limits, it communicates with the hub. The hub runs a scenario that triggers the Ajax Relay to open the windows for ventilation. Once the CO2 levels decrease to the desired level, the hub initiates a reverse scenario to close the windows.

For example, if the LifeQuality detects a CO2 level higher than the comfort threshold of 1000 ppm, the KORSA Comfort windows automatically open for ventilation, creating a 6 mm gap along the entire perimeter of the sash. Once the readings from all the involved sensors reach a comfortable level, such as below 700 ppm, the windows automatically close.

Users can also remotely control windows’ opening and closing through the Ajax application.

Why Ajax

  • Air quality monitor with medical-grade accuracy;
  • Wireless devices with reliable connection;
  • Fast installation and devices setup;
  • User-friendly applications for smartphones and PCs.

Having the Ajax hub and relay installed, customers can easily customize the system to meet their needs. Adding smart home functionality is possible with the Ajax Comfort & Productivity product line. Setting up a complete security system for intrusion and fire detection is easy with the Intrusion detection and Fire detection product lines. Flooding can be prevented with the Water leak prevention product line from Ajax. All devices can be controlled remotely through the Ajax applications for smartphones and PCs.


Thanks to the integration with Ajax, KORSA offers its customers a full-fledged energy-efficient system to maintain indoor air quality. This enables them to attract new clients and provide them with innovative solutions.

KORSA Comfort windows provide natural air exchange of up to 109 cubic meters per hour without the need for additional mechanical ventilation, based on a standard window size of 1300x700mm. The Ajax system autonomously monitors the air quality and activates the window ventilation scenario as needed. Additionally, it is easily scalable to meet the customer’s requirements, ranging from configuring a full-fledged security system to incorporating smart home features.

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