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TDC Clinic
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Dental clinic protected like a fortress and automated like a smart home


TDC Clinic
«We could have bought Maybach, but instead, we built a dental mecca with microscopes, an intraoral scanner and an uninterrupted power supplies»,says Anton Reznikov, chief doctor and owner of the clinic

These words reflect his approach to technology. The premium-class clinic in the heart of the Ukrainian capital is controlled directly from a smartphone. Starting from the parking lot entrance, where the barrier opens with one click in the app, and ending with the ventilation system, which automatically turns off when the clinic is armed. The security system in such a clinic cannot be less technologically advanced than the facility itself.


Protect medical equipment worth more than €700,000 from thieves, fire and flooding.

Why Ajax

  • Hassle-free installation. The object is under protection already at the stage of construction and repair. Later, any detector can be moved to a permanent place.
  • Ecosystem. The user can easily add new devices to the system, and the control panel software is updated over the air. This gives room for scaling the system as the business grows and expands.
  • User experience. Thought-out mobile and desktop apps, a convenient interface, and automation scenarios make the system as familiar as an iPhone in the owner’s pocket.
  • Style. The equipment performs its function and perfectly matches the interior.


73 Ajax wireless devices for the entire clinic, including the outdoor area, visitor rooms, operating rooms, doctor's offices, service and technical premises

The clinic’s construction took a year and a half, during which time the system has been growing into new devices.  The clinic owner delves into security issues at all stages, considering the system as a kind of constructor with functions that can be built on as required.

«We adhere to the principle of choosing the best partners, the best materials and equipment. It helps us get closer to perfection, to the big league. We are familiar with this league in medicine, and in security it is, of course, Ajax»Anton Reznikov, Dentist Orthopedist, Founder of TDC Clinic

Integrated approach to protection

TDC Clinic is located in the Kyiv city centre and has several professionally designed security levels.

The entrance to the common courtyard of the house territory is blocked by the gate. The gate is followed by a barrier and a separate clinic gate. Each of these steps is automated with the Relay or WallSwitch relay. Relays control all systems: opening the gate, raising the barrier, opening the front door.

An employee of the clinic, thanks to video surveillance cameras, controls the situation and manages the gate with one click on the phone (or by pressing the Ajax Button).

The clinic outdoor area is 60 m². The MotionCam Outdoor detectors with photo camera and StreetSiren sirens are installed in the courtyard and backyards. The building is old, the walls are more than a meter thick, so the ReX radio signal range extenders provide stable coverage and communication between the Hub 2 (2G) security system control panel and all devices.

There is a backup power generator in the backyard of the clinic. If an intruder tries to get close to the generator, the outdoor detector will capture movement and immediately send photos to the clinic staff and the security company. And a loud siren will scare away the thief and attract the attention of neighbours.

Protecting windows with no bars

All the clinic windows are reinforced with a vandal-resistant film. Therefore, installing GlassProtect detectors on windows makes no sense — there will be no consistent low-frequency and high-frequency sounds characteristic of glass breaking. The clinic chose the MotionProtect Curtain detectors with a narrow horizontal viewing angle to protect the windows in the operating room and the physician’s room. If an intruder tries to enter through the window, the curtain type detector does the job, and the system raises the alarm.

Indoor security

The heart of the clinic — the sterilization room, operating room and doctor’s offices — are guarded by the MotionProtect Plus and MotionCam detectors. Each detector was installed, considering the specifics of the room. The MotionCam detectors with a photo camera are installed in the corridors and the rooms close to the front door, making it easier to get photos of intruders before they sneaks further.

Medical equipment in operating rooms and other rooms can cause thermal interferences. Therefore, MotionProtect Plus detectors with additional microwave sensors are installed in these rooms to avoid false alarms and respond only to an actual intrusion.


Automation scenarios

The ventilation in the clinic building is divided into two circuits: one is for rooms and service premises, the second is for operating rooms. Ventilation control is automated with Relay and WallSwitch. When the security mode is activated, the ventilation is turned off automatically; when it is disarmed, it turns on. In the Ajax app, the user can control the power supply for each circuit separately.

The ventilation status is controlled via the MultiTransmitter — sensors connected to it inform about the electronics malfunctions and the air filter condition.

In addition to ventilation, the clinic has automated switching off and on the light when arming/disarming the system. Also, the Socket smart plug will turn off the pump, and the solenoid valve will shut off the water supply in the entire building if the Ajax flood detector notifies on water leak.

Water supply control

An uninterrupted water supply is critical to the clinic’s work: when the patient is in the chair, the doctor cannot stop the operation or procedure.

For this purpose, a barrel of 500 liters was installed in the technical room of the clinic. It circulates purified water, which is supplied to the dental unit in each doctor office. If the city water supply system fails, the clinic will continue to operate as usual for two days — there will be enough water for the medical treatments and domestic needs.

Using the DoorProtect detector and an electromagnetic float connected via an external terminal, the clinic can monitor the water level in the barrel: if it drops by a third, the staff will receive a notification in the Ajax app on their phone. When the water supply resumes and the barrel is full, the app notifies that the water level is restored.

Flooding and fire protection

The LeaksProtect detectors are installed in the technical room with the barrel, in the bathrooms, laundry room, under the boilers and in the kitchen. Miniature devices recognize the first signs of water leaks, instantly report them and turn off the pump. After several flooding incidents, the clinic installed flood detectors in the neighbouring apartments above, connecting these devices to the security system of the clinic.

The clinic is equipped with a combined warning and fire detection system. There are FireProtect Plus detectors and third-party wired fire detectors that are connected to the Ajax system via a MultiTransmitter. The FireProtect Plus detectors are installed in the kitchen, server room and compressor room. They detect smoke, sharp temperature rise, dangerous levels of CO (carbon monoxide) in seconds. Third-party detectors are installed in all clinic premises for additional control.

Alarm monitoring

The security system of the clinic is connected to the security company monitoring station. An armed patrol is at the ready to go in case of an alarm. At the same time, the clinic owner and employees are always aware of what is happening thanks to the Ajax app.

There is Button in the panic button mode at the clinic reception. Pressing the button will call for help in case of an emergency.



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