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Norberto Rodrigues, Lda
Security for self-service business
How Ajax helps to automate the security for 12 laundries in Portugal


Norberto Rodrigues, Lda

Norberto Rodrigues, LDA is a network of public self-service laundries based in Portugal. The business model originated in the United States and appeared in Portugal around 2008, emerging quickly and becoming one of the biggest market niches.

Each facility runs as a self-service system where the client gets services without communicating with any staff. The client pays for the washer or dryer using a coin machine.


Protect laundry equipment from intrusion and fire and automate door opening.

The laundry service network consists of 12 laundries. Most of them are in Lisbon, but one laundry is located in Queluz, which has more intrusion risks, as the owner claims. The priority was to protect the expensive equipment in the laundry and the clients’ clothes stored inside the facilities.

Also, the owner requested a solution for door automation. All the laundries need the doors to open and close automatically and according to schedule.

In addition, the owner needed to integrate third-party wired fire detectors and video cameras into an Ajax system. It gives the ability to control all security systems from different facilities in one app.


Intrusion detection combined with automation scenarios for additional versatility the business needed

Protection and automation scenarios

Our partner installed Ajax devices in each laundry. The first step was to install Hub — the core of the Ajax security system. Hubs control system communications and connected devices. If any detector is triggered, the hub raises the alarm in less than a second and notifies the owner and security company.

The second step was to install DoorProtect. The device detects the doors or windows opening. It consists of two parts — a detector and a magnet. The detector can be mounted on any door type. In addition, MotionProtect was installed in the premises. This detector notifies the owner and the security company in case of any detected motion. The wireless device covers all the protected areas, so there is no way to pass it unseen.

The laundry is under the reliable protection of the Ajax system

Also, all the facilities have HomeSiren. An indoor wireless siren with a loud sound notifies of an alarm if any detector is triggered. Its volume is enough to scare off intruders and attract the attention of people outside the facility. Ajax devices perfectly match laundry specifics because they can withstand 75% humidity. It’s important for laundry with a high humidity level.

The partner uses lighting as additional protection from burglary. With the WallSwitch relay and an automation scenario, the system turns on the lights if any detector is triggered.

WallSwitch is a power relay that controls the lights and roller shutters

For the employee’s convenience, the partner installed a wireless touch KeyPad. The device helps to control access to technical premises. Each employee has a personal keypad code to access the premises.

Automated doors

There was an old automation system for doors and roller shutters. The owner was not able to control the system remotely. Sometimes the doors automatically closed while clients were still inside the laundry. There were a few cases when clients broke the doors to get out of the premises.

Therefore, the installer connected the WallSwitch relay to control roller shutters. When the system is armed, the roller shutters are closed. When the system is disarmed, the roller shutters are open.

“The new system is more comfortable for the owner. He doesn’t need to visit each location to open and close the laundries. It was a big problem because all the facilities must open simultaneously”Diogo Carloto, Chief Technology Officer in Quadrocaf, LDA

In the evening, when the laundry must be closed, the manager checks the security cameras and waits until the last client leaves. Then they arm the system, which triggers the automation scenarios: the doors and roller shutters are closing, and the lights are turning off.

“The lighting control also reduces energy consumption because the lighting was not automated
in the previous system”
Diogo Carloto, Chief Technology Officer in Quadrocaf, LDA

Wired fire system and video surveillance integration

The installer connected the Ajax DoorProtect detector to the DMTech Conventional Fire Alarm Panel via two NC contacts. That’s because only a wired fire detector is foreseen in the project. The system detects fire and helps to determine if someone is smoking inside the laundry. Also, the owner asked to integrate third-party video surveillance cameras into the Ajax system. With this integration, the laundry manager observes what is happening inside the facility through an app.

DoorProtect connected to the DMTech Conventional Fire Alarm Panel via two NC contacts

Controlling security via the Ajax app

The laundry owner uses the Ajax app to control the whole system remotely: arm and disarm the system, check the devices’ current status or monitor the premises. With the Ajax system, the app user can customize different scenarios on the smartphone. Also, the app will notify if any device runs out of power.

Why Ajax

  • Doors open in a click. The business owner doesn’t need to open all the doors themselves.
  • Security automation. In case of an alarm, the lights and sirens turn on, the business owner gets instant notification, and the security cameras record all the events.
  • User-friendly app. The owner controls all the premises in one app with the best possible user experience.

“Ajax system is a great and affordable system providing high-level security. And the ability to integrate third-party devices into the system has helped us to create a truly innovative solution”Diogo Carloto, Chief Technology Officer in Quadrocaf, LDA

Ajax fulfilled the lack of versatility and reliability for the owner’s business. Also, it helped to prevent property damage by customers.


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