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RICHNESS jewelry boutique
Superior protection of a high-risk facility
How Ajax provides robust security for the premium class jewelry boutique


RICHNESS jewelry boutique
  • Industry: Retail
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Partner: IQGrade

Located in the center of Kyiv, Ukraine, RICHNESS is a jewelry boutique that offers a premium class collection. This high-class facility features a main retail area where its exquisite collection is showcased, alongside a secure vault space housing an even more valuable inventory.


Provide a comprehensive solution for enhanced protection of a high-risk facility

As a high-risk facility, RICHNESS faced a multitude of security challenges. Safeguarding an extensive collection of exquisite jewelry pieces in the main showroom and secure vault area required an enterprise-grade security solution capable of robust protection.

Beyond deterring intrusions, RICHNESS needed a system capable of comprehensive monitoring and threat detection. This included swift identification and response to not only break-ins but also potential fires that could threaten valuable inventory.

Customizability was also essential, as the client pursued a security solution tailored to their specific needs. Importantly, RICHNESS needed a solution elegantly integrated into its high-end decor without the need for major construction or reconfiguration of the premises.


Exhaustive protection for a jewelry store with security automation and quick video verification of events

To address client’s security needs, IQGrade recognized Ajax as the ideal security solution provider. Ajax offers a diverse product range suitable for high-risk environments like jewelry stores. Notably, the Fibra product line comprises wired devices that are Grade 3 certified, meeting stringent standards for enterprises and sensitive facilities such as banks and financial institutions. Complementing the Fibra line, Ajax offers the Baseline product line, featuring wireless devices for video surveillance, fire detection, and intrusion protection. Additionally, the project-oriented Superior product line features devices for intrusion protection, enhancing Ajax’s comprehensive ecosystem of security technologies. All of this allowed IQGrade to create a tailored system that addresses clients’ specific needs.

At the core of the security system is Hub Hybrid (4G), which combines wired Fibra and wireless Jeweller technologies to provide broad coverage throughout the boutique. This hub connects with all Ajax devices, delivering informative notifications, alarm photo verification, and real-time control via the Ajax app. It also offers 32 automation scenarios, providing remote control over lighting, locks, and other connected appliances. The hub’s backup battery can power up to 30 wired devices for 60 hours, ensuring uninterrupted functionality during power outages.


To access the boutique, employees must follow a multi-step entry protocol. First, they use a Button S Jeweller to trigger an automation scenario that raises the roller shutters with Relay Jeweller. Once the shutters are raised, the employee opens the entrance door and approaches KeyPad TouchScreen Jeweller mounted in the anteroom. Here, they must enter their unique personal access code, which immediately disarms the system and turns on preprogrammed lighting. Importantly, a camera placed at face level next to the keypad allows the security team to visually verify the identity of the employee entering the access code. This layered entry system ensures that only authorized personnel can access the boutique.

In addition, CombiProtect S Jeweler was installed at the entrance. It is a combined IR motion and glass break detector that uses a sensitive electret microphone and the DualTone digital algorithm to detect the sound of glass breaking. It will trigger if an intruder attempts to forcefully enter by breaking the facade glass. The selection of this specific detector was motivated by the presence of a shop window at the boutique’s entrance, rather than a traditional wall structure.

To secure the boutique’s main entrance from unwanted guests, a customized solution centered around Button S Jeweller and Relay Jeweller. The front door is permanently locked. When a customer arrives and rings the bell, the security guard can assess the visitor through the video surveillance system. If approved, the guard presses the programmed button, triggering an automation scenario that activates the relay. This, in turn, opens the electric door lock, allowing the customer to enter the boutique.

To ensure complete visibility throughout the boutique, a robust video surveillance solution was deployed, anchored by NVR (16-ch) network video recorder and TurretCam (8 Mp/4 mm) cameras strategically placed in all areas. Their high resolution is sufficient to monitor the entire premises, including close-up views of the display cases from multiple angles to prevent tampering with the jewelry inventory. Notably, a dedicated camera is exclusively focused on the payment transaction counter, allowing the security team to observe even the denomination of bills on the banknote counter.

Complementing the video surveillance, MotionProtect S Plus Jeweller detectors were installed along the perimeter of the premises. These devices ensure precise motion detection, even for objects with temperatures similar to the human body. The detector conducts an RF scan of the room using its built-in K-band microwave sensor, providing an extra layer of intrusion protection.

At the heart of the RICHNESS boutique lies the vault. This critical area is secured by KeyPad Fibra — a wired touch keypad that manages security modes, supports duress codes, and is protected against access code guessing. Complementing the keypad is DoorProtect G3 Fibra — a wired opening detector with shock, tilt, and magnetic masking sensors that complies with Grade 3 (EN 50131) requirements. This device combines a reed switch to detect door openings, a shock sensor to identify attempts to knock out the door, and a tilt sensor to recognize any deviation in the device’s vertical axis. Together, these advanced features provide enhanced protection against unauthorized intrusion into the vault.

FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/Smoke) Jeweller detectors were installed in the kitchen, inside the electrical switchboard equipment, and throughout the facility. These advanced detectors feature a unique smoke chamber that requires no regular cleaning, while a dual-spectrum sensor can distinguish smoke from steam. Additionally, the thermistor quickly reacts to the burning of synthetic materials, and the software minimizes the risk of false alarms.

Lighting throughout the boutique is integrated into the security system. When the employee arms and disarms the system, all the hall lights are turned on/off thanks to LightSwitch (1-gang) Jeweller and WallSwitch Jeweller power relay. Additionally, the security system features automation scenarios that enable lighting adjustment. If an intruder is detected, the hall lights are turned on to improve visibility and identification, while the vault area lights are simultaneously turned off. 

When closing the boutique, the employee arms the system using KeyPad TouchScreen Jeweller, initiating a delay when leaving. As the employee exits and closes the door, they press Button S Jeweller, triggering an automation scenario that lowers the roller shutters and turns off the lights. The entire arming process is monitored by cameras to oversee and record in case of any issues.

All alarms triggered within the boutique are immediately sent to the Security Police for swift, centralized response. In case of an intrusion-related alarm, the police will dispatch necessary resources to handle the situation. If a fire alarm is activated, the fire service will be promptly notified.

An important advantage of the Ajax security system at RICHNESS jewelry boutique is its integration into the boutique’s sophisticated interior design. The modern, minimalist aesthetics of Ajax devices complement the luxurious decor, while the installation process is quick and hassle-free. Configuration of each device and the entire system is easily accomplished through the Ajax app, ensuring efficient deployment of state-of-the-art security without disrupting the refined boutique environment.

Why Ajax

Enhanced access control to premises. At RICHNESS, the Ajax system provides multi-layered access control customized to meet specific security requirements. By implementing automation scenarios and combining Ajax wired and wireless devices from various product lines, the client has established a highly secure entry process. The staff can easily arm and disarm the system, as well as grant access to customers, ensuring only authorized individuals enter the boutique. Furthermore, they can easily adjust automation scenarios to adapt the system to evolving requirements.

High-resolution video verification of alarms. RICHNESS can now visually verify and monitor all activities in the boutique through Ajax’s high-resolution video surveillance system. By integrating cameras with the NVR, the client achieves comprehensive coverage — from assessing visitors at the entrance to preventing blind spots in monitored zones. The high image quality enables detailed monitoring, including the ability to discern denominations of bills, and rapid alarm verification before response.

No-mess installation in premises with a ready-made renovation. The Ajax security system was installed without disrupting or damaging the boutique’s newly renovated interior design. The deployment of both wired and wireless Ajax devices avoids any messy construction work or permanent disfigurement to walls, ceilings, or other surfaces.


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